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Creed Fisher
Sat August 24, 2024 8:00 pm PDT (Doors: 7:00 pm)
The Nile Theater , Bakersfield, 1721 19th St, , 93301, CA, US (map)
All Ages
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Country music’s rising Outlaw Country star, Creed Fisher reminds fans to never lose sight of who you are, where you're from, and never be afraid of working hard to earn an honest living on his latest musical manifesto This Ain’t the Hamptons.
“I know I say it often but this album is truly some of my best work to date,” he proclaims of the brand new collection. This much anticipated follow up to 2022’s Rebel in the South is timed perfectly for country music consumers who are seeking
that repopularized sounds of Outlaw and Traditional Country. The album has its own distinguished Red Dirt vibes. “I’ve never been this excited to drop a country album honestly.” “It definitely has a bit more country rock sprinkled in than my recent two albums, Whiskey and the Dog and Rebel in the South, which consisted of honky tonk, twang,” Fisher says of the vibe. “On this album, the country tunes range from
country rock to traditional country, out to outlaw country.” Put another way, he explains, “This Ain’t the Hamptons definitely has everything from a Hank Williams vibe out to the edgier rock feel that's similar to what you would expect from
Kid Rock.”

Along with celebrating blue collar sensibilities, patriotism and fun-loving simple pleasures that are staples of Fisher’s music, this record comes at a time where country music consumers' interests in bringing back the foundational roots of traditional country music are at an all time high. Timing is everything, and Fisher declares “This was the perfect album for true country music fans that miss that less modernized sound of old country music. If I’d said it three or four albums ago - they
wouldn’t have heard it.” He’s confident the music and messages on This Ain’t the Hamptons will connect with the majority of Americans, but especially those who love country music and live the lifestyle. “They’re gonna love to hear this one.”

“I think we went to the next level and people are going to feel the same way. We’re trying to make sure everything we put out is badass.” Creed Fisher’s This Ain’t the Hamptons pre-orders launch June 26th and the album is set to release
September 8th, partners with a nationwide tour for the remainder of this year. Never one to stay motionless, Fisher is already working on follow up albums of new material, reboots of older material and even a little surprise for his fans around
the holidays. Yes, you heard that right!