JMax Productions
Cypress Spring
Sat December 8, 2018 9:30 pm PST (Doors: 9:00 pm )
Lost on Main , 319 Main St., Chico, CA (map)
Ages 21 and Up

Tickets available locally at Diamond W Western Wear (E 2nd St), Blaze N J's (W9th St) and DownLo



One thing is for sure when it comes to country fans: They can smell BS from a mile away. But that’s not a problem for rising trio Cypress Spring. With them, what you see is what you get.

On American White Trash, their second full-length album for Average Joes Entertainment, the country-rapping threesome of Kalan Miller, Paul Roche and Tyler Ackerman stand tall for who they are and what they believe in – things like hard work and family, patriotism and getting wild – and they do it with a next-gen fusion of blue-collar sounds.

Simply put, Cypress Spring is as country as it gets, and you can’t fake that.

“We’re just a group of average guys with the same passion for music,” Miller explains. “We believe strongly in being yourself and not conforming with what everyone else thinks is status quo. Stand out and dare to be different.”

“We’re about doing it the right way,” Ackerman adds. “Meaning, do it for what you love, not what others want you to do. Stay true to your roots.”

Natives of the tiny Florida panhandle town of Vernon (population 800), the band has been different from the very beginning. With their swaggering mix of country soul, hard-rock energy and hip-hop attitude, fans first discovered Cypress Spring when “Denim” – the title track to their loud and proud 2015 album debut – was featured on the CMT reality series Party Down South … and since then the milestones have flown by.

With a raucous live show and a reputation for unflinching authenticity, they’ve built a rowdy following of over 100,000 fans on social media, earning more than 25 million digital radio streams to date. Their heroes have taken notice, with game changing country artists like Colt Ford and The LACS joining the team and helping their gritty “Way of Life” video rack up more than 18 million YouTube views.

Along the way, they’ve rocked the biggest festivals on the scene and earned more than 250,000 sales as part of Average Joes’ popular Mud Digger compilation series. But now with American White Trash, Cypress Spring is stepping up.

“We came a long way from the first album, and I think this is gonna push us to the limit that we want to be at,” Ackerman says. “We want to get the top, we want to be on TV and on the radio – we want everything – and this album is the start of it.”

Recording with a live band for the first time, American White Trash highlights each facet of a sound so of-the-moment, it’s currently taking over the mainstream. But with muscular guitars and rolling banjos standing shoulder-to-shoulder with fat bass lines and thumping beats, Cypress Spring is no bandwagon act. Miller is the fiery rap specialist, while Roche wields his six string like a lethal weapon and Ackerman’s mellow vocal acts like an ice cube in a glass of whiskey. Meanwhile, each member contributes to the band’s in-your-face songwriting – undeniable proof of their focus on what’s real.