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JMax Productions
Hed PE, Stacc Styles, Kella Sin, DJ Rudedawg
Tue January 23, 2024 8:00 pm PST (Doors: 7:30 pm )
Tackle Box , 379 E Park Ave, Chico, CA (map)
Ages 21 and Up
Tickets available locally at Diamond W Western Wear & Blaze 'N J's

Legendary SoCal artists (HED) P.E. have been breaking rules and going against the grain for more than two decades. While the world becomes increasingly more black and white, (HEDP) P.E defiantly stands in opposition and refuses to be characterized as anything more than chaotic. On their 11th studio album, "DETOX", (HED) P.E. celebrate the musical fusion between punk rock, hip hop, jazz, reggae, heavy metal, and thrash.

"This new record was written as a response to living in chaotic times. The repercussions of the pandemic, my new baby girl was born during that time, dealing a rebellious skater for a teenager, dealing with the politics of music industry, and balancing all that it all while still trying to get laid," laughs frontman Jared Gomes when asked about the inspiration behind the new album.

He continues, "The record is titled 'DETOX' because I found myself in a pool of red wine trying to figure everything out with all these chemicals floating through my brain. There was a moment where I just had to be honest with myself and confront the skeletons that had been building up in the closet."

That raw, brutal, honesty forced Gomes and the band to embrace their brash and offensive past and double down on it as a direct response to the current cancel climate. Where albums like 2005's 'Only in Amerika' was an intentional backlash against the more commercial radio-friendly sound of prior albums, "DETOX" is a giant middle finger in the face to a woke generation that tries to cancel everything.

The album opens with a scream and then takes a swan dive right into the deep end of the rapcore that has become synonymous with (HED) P.E. The Alice in Chains inspired "Too Late" brings back a modern rock sound and couples it with a gritty rap vocal stylings, and then shifts gears to embrace their nu-metal roots on "Compromise" with some outlandish rap vocals that deliver (HED) P.E’s mission statement condemning facism and hate.

Recorded at Gomes home studio in Idaho with producer/songwriter Remy Dovianus tapped into the G-Punk vein of previous albums as they harness the chaotic energy and all the elements of the (HED) P.E. sound.

“The album brought me to tears a few times actually,” Gomes remembers. “Writing about family life and the struggles of the pandemic gets to me sometimes. After some self-reflection I was able to get back to what makes (HED) unique. This just feels like a return to the vibe that got me here in the first place.”

(HED) P.E. are the pioneers of the G-Punk sound, which fuses together punk-rock, metal, hip-hop and reggae. For over two decades, the band has toured the world alongside hard rock chart-toppers like Papa Roach and Linkin Park, hardcore legends Suicidal Tendencies, as well as the iconic Ozzfest Tour. (HED) P.E. experienced a creative resurgence after signing with Suburban Noize Records in the early 2000s and was instrumental in developing the booming underground scene.