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Paul Cauthen, Meg McRee
Sat June 3, 2023 8:30 pm PDT (Doors: 7:30 pm )
Bakersfield Fox Theater , 2001 H St., Bakersfield, CA (map)
All Ages
Tickets available for purchase HERE:

Want to get a bead on Paul Cauthen?Good freakin' luck -- especially on his third album, COUNTRY COMING DOWN.Suffice to say that the singer, songwriter and proud son of Tyler, Texas -- steward of a rich, resonant,bass-leaning tenor dubbed Big Velvet -- covers a lot of ground and embodies a lot of characters. He'll tellyou right off the bat that he's "Country As Fuck," throwing down a wad of "Fuck You Money" andheading into the night to "Cut a Rug." His "Country Clubbin'" has as much to do with swinging as hisswing. But a song or two later dude's vowing to be loving his wife "Till the Day I Die" and, in COUNTRYCOMING DOWN's title track, dreams of living in "a cabin in the country, far away from the city lights"where "life is slow and easy.

"The fact that all of that exists within the same guy, who's full of good humor, sharp wit and a heart as bigas his home state is what makes Cauthen someone who's easy, and exciting, to spend 10 songs with."Y'know, you got your bangers and you got your ballads," Cauthen acknowledges. "You got yourmeaningful songs where you're opening up more of your vulnerable side, and then you're putting on afucking show -- all in one album. And it's all honest, I'll tell ya that. Everything on there is something I'vefelt or thought before.

"COUNTRY COMING DOWN has been in motion awhile, actually. The title track, one of several co-writeswith good Nashville pal Aaron Raitiere, has been around since before Cauthen's dark sophomore albumROOM 41. Its sense of campfire calm and "damn near off the map" idyll set a bar, for both music andlifestyle, that Cauthen aspired to, while the rest of the new album, recorded at Modern Electric SoundRecorders in Dallas with regular collaborators Beau Bedford (Texas Gentlemen) and Jason Burt (MedicineMan Revival), shows that Cauthen was able to get there without losing any of the playful "hot dog hollygolly dagnabit" good-time spirit that rolls off his tongue like a tumbleweed in the west Texas panhandle.

His muse fully engaged, Cauthen is looking towards doing more of that in the future, with a fewconceptual ideas up his sleeve about what he might do next. No matter what direction he takes,however, he won’t be abandoning that cabin in the hills or the "Country Clubbin'" life; Cauthen will justbe adding more to the mix he's stirred together."It's just about looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing that what you've done to this day has beenin good standing, with good morals and a good compass in life, driven the right way," he says. "Legacy is all we have -- that, and try to be a good person as well. If you get all that together, then you can do whatever the fuck you want and it'll be alright.