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JMax Productions
AG Club, Cast Away$, LO$T PLANET, ZP Ratik
Thu April 6, 2023 8:00 pm PDT (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Cypress , 761 South Virginia St, Reno, NV (map)
Ages 18 and Up
Tickets available locally at Recycled Records.

More heads will always be better than one. Just ask AG Club. Short for Avant Garde Club, the Bay Area collective is fronted by the rapper-singer duo of Jody Fontaine and Baby Boy, who practically finish each other’s sentences on tape and in conversation. With 14 members across different art disciplines– from musicians to filmmakers, content creators, photographers, and designers—they pour their respective talents into the kind of bond dynamic collectives are traditionally made of, yet there’s nothing traditional about them. They’ll drop an impenetrable hip-hop banger, only to flip the script with an arena-ready rock anthem. Jody Fontaine is hyper, hilarious, lyrical, and visionary, and Baby Boy is quiet, creative, and equally visionary. AG Club are undeniable, unrelenting, and unfuckwittable. After a string of independent releases over the past few years, which saw them generate millions of streams and considerable critical praise, the group’s irreverent and inimitable vision comes to life on their 2022 full-length, ImpostorSyndrome [Epic Records].